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Strut Dog Cologne Sniffing Irresistible

Strut Dog Cologne Sniffing Irresistible

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The Blissful Dog Strut Canine Cologne spray for the dog who saunters through life with self-assured swagger. ~ This dog exudes a certain je ne sais quoi that cannot be defined...but is oh, so obvious. ~ Strut is for the dog who oozes self-confidence. ~ The dog who knows they are the ruler of their kingdom and handles that responsibility with a deft touch. Appropriate for boy dog or girl, day or night, for toy dog or terrier…Strut is all about attitude. This is a more opulent, richer fragrance. Think L'Homme Ideal by Guerlain or Diesel Loverdose Tattoo. Strut shares the depth of anise seed, tonka bean, brown sugar and amaretto. With a wee bit of the brightness of lily, cherry, cranberry and lemon. It is the perfect addition to your dog grooming assortment. Strut is attitude, charisma and swagger. Strut Canine Cologne • Refreshes your dog’s aroma • Imbues them with confidence • Gently de-tangles coat • Scent of amaretto, tonka bean and aniseed • Alcohol free


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