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Metapink Dog Crown by Moshiqa

Metapink Dog Crown by Moshiqa

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As Paris Hilton said, always walk around like you have on an invisible tiara! Moshiqa’s signature pet accessory, the dazzling pet crown, has been one of the favorite items of the Hilton Pets for many years... Now the crown is upgraded! It’s funnier and happier with the touch of Paris Hilton’s glam and we called it the Meta Crown. Every pet has its kingdom in the hearts of their parents. We make this heartwarming fact emphasized with the glittery Meta Crown. Whether you are going to the vet or the undiscovered paths of the Metaverse land, this shiny reminiscence is the perfect way to show everyone how special our little Kings & Queens are. Made of the shiny leatherette, it looks like an actual jewel. The special neon-pink side features are individually applied by Moshiqa artisans to create a more futuristic look. The elastic bands are added to prevent it from sliding or dropping off for their Highnesses and are always on top. Highly recommended by the petfluencers, put this jewel-like


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