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Dog Garden Puzzle Toy - Red

Dog Garden Puzzle Toy - Red

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This dog puzzle toy is a combination of difficulty level 1and level 2. The whole shape of the toy is like a sunflower in full bloom. Dogs start with gameplay of level 1, which is to rotate the middle disc with their snouts or paws to get the food inside the disc. When the dog has mastered the level 1 gameplay, we can level up the difficulty. There are 8 tower shaped treat boxes around the toy, and the dog first needs to push the treat box to the gap in the middle track, and then push the box back to its original position so that he can get a food reward in the toy's dent place. Train the body and brain of your dog at the same time to promote its brain development. Size: 13.85 x 13.85 x 1.85 Red


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