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Boss Babe Dog Necklace by Moshiqa

Boss Babe Dog Necklace by Moshiqa

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Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins, some wear it. Euphorial, edgy and so fun... Boss Babe Necklace will let them know who is the actual boss in a witty way! Boss Babe Necklace is created for the boss of the pet households. It upscales the furry styles instantly and effortlessly with its bold characteristics, they make a remarkable entrance anywhere you go. The hot pink color and exclusive design go well with everything. Petbabies can mix & match with every piece of the furry wardrobes. This iconic necklace is made from a special kind of chain that has a silky feeling when you touch it. The unapologetic Boss Babe sign on its front is individually handcrafted and enameled by Moshiqa artisans. The necklace is tied through the silky ribbon as a closure. This feature makes it extra comfortable for fur babies, and also adds wearability for various sizes. Boss Babe Necklace will be the leading piece of the pet wardrobes and makes pets feel like a boss! Do not feel coy if y


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